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Dianne Mallik, LAc

Dianne Mallik LAc, CCH
o Classical Five-Element Acupuncture
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o Licensed since 1990

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Acupuncture is the practice of placing tiny, virtually painless needles at special points located on the body’s energetic pathways (meridians), in order to correct imbalances in the flow of the body’s vital force (Qi).

Acupuncture has been around for thousands of years. In the course of that time it has evolved and changed with the times and the cultures with which it has been associated.

One of the original foundations of Traditional Oriental Medicine related to the life of the Spirit. This approach acknowledges the transcendence of the spiritual aspect of our lives, that is, if we are not healthy in Spirit, we are not healthy in any other way. Another way to put it is that there is no patient who is only physically sick.

There will always be a mental and/or spiritual aspect that is at the center of the illness. In order for true healing to occur, this underlying cause must be addressed. When it is, healing in body, mind, and spirit is possible.

Classical Five-Element Acupuncture is a unique system that acknowledges the role of the mental and, most especially, the spiritual in the treatment of illness.

We are each unique individuals with unique physical, mental, and spiritual issues that must be addressed, so that healing at a deep level can occur.

Thus, Classical Five-Element Acupuncture works both to relieve symptoms and create a deep sense of health. In addition to physical relief, patients often report experiencing a greater sense of well-being, mental clarity, stress relief, and open-heartedness.

Dianne Mallik, L.Ac.
Chace Mill
1 Mill St, Suite 242
Burlington, VT 05401
(802) 864-9344

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